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How to winterize your Sprocket

Walk through the winterizing process for the Sprocket

If you live in the north and have temperatures that fall below the freezing point, you must winterize the water system on your Off Grid Trailer.

As the Sprocket does not come with any onboard water, it is important to remove any water containers mounted to or stored in your trailer. 

We recommend removing and storing empty water containers/jugs inside your home or in a heated garage.
If your Sprocket is outfitted with the optional Roadshower, the RoadShower should be emptied and winterized as per the instructions. 
If your Sprocket is outfitted with the optional Rotopax Water Jugs, simply remove them from their compartment, empty them out, and bring them into a heated area of your home or garage. 
It is also very important to remember to complete your annual maintenance and keep your unit plugged into shore power to maintain your batteries