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Annual Trailer Maintenance Checklist

Some things you should consider when preparing to store your trailer for the off season - so it's ready for next year's adventures!

1) Wheel bearings: check for play in the wheel bearings. You can lift each corner of the trailer off the ground with your leveling jack, grab the top and the bottom of the tire and check to make sure that there is zero play. Give the tire a spin and make sure it rotates freely and there are no noises, and that nothing is binding up in the hub or brake system. 

2) Unplug the safety breakaway switch and ensure the electric brakes energize. 

3) Check the Hopkins Battery Box by pressing the button on the front to ensure it is charged. This battery would benefit from being charged periodically in the off season.  

4) Frame: check for damage or dirt hanging up in the c channels. 

5) Suspension: check for loose fasteners (Timbren Reference Article!) check camber with the trailer on a level surface. Use a bubble level across the top and bottom of the rim face and check with the trailer parked in several locations on a flat concrete floor to obtain an average. If you must tip the bubble level outwards at the top to measure negative camber, you can measure the distance from the edge of the level to the where the level contacts the rim face at 90 degrees to the body of the level, and between the two points on the rim face on which the level is resting and to which you are measuring to, and obtain camber in degrees by using the inverse sine function on the small dimension divided by the large one. Our specification is 0 degrees +/- ½ a degree. Neglecting the math, this is vertical.  

6) The batteries supplied by OGT are maintenance free – you cannot service the electrolyte. It is always good to double check that the connections are tight. 

7) Check the sealant around the roof mounted fan for cracks or other voids. If this sealant requires service, it is recommended the work be carried out at an RV (Recreational Vehicle) repair facility. 

8) Lubricate all the locks and latches with dry graphite lube, or with Teflon/PTFE spray lube. 

9) Treating the rubber bulb seals with silicone spray will help extend their life and keep them working well. Ensure whatever product you use is compatible with rubber. 

10) Check to make sure the 7-pin connector is in good condition and that all the trailer lights are functioning properly – the off season is the best time to spend troubleshooting if something needs repair. 

11) If you have a roof top tent or awning(s), make sure the tent is free of debris, is dry, and clean before folding up and storing for a longer period of time.