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My stove glass lid broke, what do I do?

This covers what to do in the event your stove glass lid breaks/shatters.

It is the responsibility of the OGT owner to ensure the proper use, maintenance, and stowage of the stove unit.  Glass breakage is NOT covered under warranty neither by the 3rd party manufacturer OR by OGT.

  • the details of this are outlined in our warranty terms, owners manual, and in our article outlined: OGT Warranty - what is not covered
  • Tips:
    • inspect and periodically retighten (depending on use, terrain, vibration, heat cycles of the stove) the plastic lid tie downs
    • where equipped, ALWAYS ensure the stove/kitchen module is safely stowed and tied down

Worry not; if you have experienced a lid breakage your options are:

  1. Contact your nearest dealer for the Dometic (or) Suburban stove model in your unit (refer to the unit literature included at delivery in your OGT owners pack
  2. Contact OGT directly at info@offgridtrailers.com to determine lead time to order an OGT retrofit stove lid cover (note; pricing and lead time subject to capabilities as the occurence of the above is rare.)