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How to use the ZeroBreeze AC - Specifications and Operation

A summary of the ZeroBreeze AC retrofit capabilities and function.

If you have or are considering the ZeroBreeze AC option for your Off Grid Trailer, there might be a few questions as to how it can be used. We will start with some data presented on the ZeroBreeze website:  

  • Zero Breeze Mark 2 generates 2X stronger cooling power with 2300 BTU and 40% higher cooling efficiency than before. In just 5 minutes, the powerful compressor can reduce the outlet air temperature by 20°F/11°C.
  • We know that under the average sun exposure, the temperature in the cabin will rise, because the heat generated by sunlight is 283.6 BTU/sq ft, and the area of 25 sq ft is about 7090 BTU, which will far exceed Zero Breeze Mark 2 capability of 2300 BTU. That’s why the average cooling capacity of a vehicle air conditioner is far more than 10,000 BTU.
  • If the insulation of the cabin is very good, or it’s at night, the situation will be much better. As there is no external source of heat, Zero Breeze Mark 2 will be a perfect cooling option for sleeping all night in your Off Grid Trailer.
  • When we are going to cool down a given size space, the cooling effect is closely related to the number of people inside, the insulation condition, the sun exposure, and the climate. Based on our test, it’s ideal cooling space is 25~40 sq ft, while the ambient temperature is 100F/38C, humidity is about 50%, no direct sunlight, good insulation condition, and the temperature can be reduced by 9-22F/5- 10C.

The interior space of the trailer is approximately 35 sq. ft (or 140 cubic feet in volume,) and the roof area is much larger than that. Even with insulation, the heating effect of solar radiation is substantial.

In operation, OGT has found that the ZeroBreeze system cools the trailer and functions acceptably up to about 90 degrees F ambient. The integrated manifold causes the condenser side of the system to work slightly harder than a short run of corrugated hose (on a longer run it would be about equal - the flow losses of this type of hose are very high.) The ideal operating parameters for the ZeroBreeze would be a zero hose length, fully open at the rear, and that is how ZeroBreeze would do their optimum performance testing for a 9-22F or 5-10C temperature drop.


**If you have any questions, or are experiencing any issues with the install or performance of your Zerobreeze system, please email warranty@offgridtrailers.com for support.