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I've lost the grease cap for my Timbren axle!

This article covers off grease cap size and sourcing.

grease cap timbren

2-1/2" Lubed Dust Cap and Rubber Plug - 2.45" x 1.52" x 1.18"

Etrailer is a very good source for these:



The manufacturers part number for ths etrailer listing is TruRyde DC250L-DCRP.

It is worthwhile having 1-2 with you in your tool box for spares as they tend to come off at the worst, dustiest, roughest time.  Duct tape and a plastic bag will get you out of a bind....


**If your trailer is under warranty and you've had one go missing, please contact warranty@offgridtrailers.com and we can drop ship you some spares!


Here's a nice video on how to R&R the caps:

Have fun out there!

- The OGT Warranty dept