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How to source cabin entry door porch lights and common issues

Here you'll find supplier information for these Kaper II branded lights and brief instructions for remove and replacement.

The part number for these lights is L16-0210-BLK

Kaper porch light

Reference: Manufacturers page

Remove and replace:

  • remove 2X screws from the porch light (2X #2 Phillips)
  • using a utility knife; carefully break the SikaFlex 221 seal around the light/wall interface
  • Remove the light and inspect as needed
  • Reinstall is the reverse of the above including reapplication of the SikaFlex 221 seal 

If your trailer is within the 1 yr warranty period and there's a problem with these lights (usually water intrusion, despite them being IP67 rated,) please email warranty@offgridtrailers.com for support.

If you are outside of the warranty period, contact Kaper at the web page above to understand where there is a dealer for these nearest you so you can put in an order for replacements!