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How to use the cabin side entry doors (Expedition, Pando, and Sprocket)

All things door adjustment, maintenance, service related.

The number one thing to know about our side doors, they are built TOUGH.   When closing, make sure to be firm - the latches have a two stage detent - if you do not engage this fully the door will not look properly aligned, may protrude from the wall of the trailer and will not be fully weather and dust proof.

*EMERGENCY Manual Release:

Inside of both doors as shown above, there are two removable covers.   Familiarize yourself with the top cover - it has a thumbscrew closure such that it can be easily taken off if the handle mechanism jams.   This allows manual operation of the latch which will open the door.

The bottom cover is for the latch adjustment turn buckle mechanism.   If the door latch does not want to release when using the interior or exterior paddle handle, this may need adjustment.  

If you are within the one year factory warranty period and have any concerns or questions about door operation (latching/locking/adjustment,) please email warranty@offgridtrailers.com with your concern, your shipping address, and if possible photographs of the issue, and we can furnish you with more advice and/or replacement parts as required.



If you are out of the warranty period and need to order parts, the manufacturers of each component are listed in the following diagram:

Manufactured side door parts diagram-1

http://www.faucher.ca/contactus.html - contact Faucher to find a distributor for parts near you.

https://support.lci1.com/#Lippert-Customer-Care-Center - Lippert manufactures the windows, they can be contacted regarding availability of entire units or replacement pieces

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