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Prolonging Tire Life of Your OGT Trailer

When its not just a simple case of poor alignment; how you care for your suspension and tires is critical!

  • It is critical to follow your OGT trailer maintenance guide as Tire Wear is not a covered warranty item and alignment and good maintenance practices are the sole responsibility of the owner.
  • It is critical to understand that tire wear on a tow vehicle versus a trailer can and will be different based on a number of factors:
    • Tire load forces are generally higher on trailers than vehicles
    • OGT suspension systems (both standard and upgraded) offer alignment facilities in the design to ensure tire wear is minimized when maintenance and inspection procedures are adhered to
      • rotate tires frequently as per schedule and rotate in spare as you would with any tow vehicle with a standard size spare
    • Tire pressures
      • the effect of tire pressures is often exaggerated in trailer tires than automotive tires
      • as an off road trailer, it is critical to ensure you AIR UP after you have tackled any terrain that you AIRED DOWN for to prolong tire life
        • your tire pressures are located on the tongue VIN placard and are dictated by the tire on the vehicle; in the event you changed tires you must contact the tire manufacturer to confirm tire pressures based on the application and trailer model
    • It is very common for the above items to be neglected but the best pro tips OGT can offer are to check alignment often, check tire pressures often, and rotate often.