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My Pando rear door whale tail latch broke; what do I do?

This article covers how to inspect, maintain, and replace the rear whale tail latch for the Pando trailer.

Common Maintenance Tips:

  • keep all latching mechanisms clean of dust, debris, and yes....Moab red dirt 
  • lubricate periodically with water displacing solvent such as WD40
    • all pivot points AND key hole for longevity

How do I replace my latch?

  • simple tools are more than adequate to replace the latch such as a small/medium crescent wrench:
    • remove the backing nut to relieve spring pressure and fully remove
    • remove the whale latch chrome assembly
    • with a Phillips #2 screwdriver, remove the four screws (reuse star washers) to remove the backing plate/flange
    • Reinstall in the order above
    • Set latch close tension by adjusting the backing nut to achieve:
      • desired close strenth/pressure
      • ensure all weather stripping/bulb seals compress a minimum 50% compression for water tightness

Can I order a replacement kit from OGT?

  • YES! 
    • please reach out to OGT directly at warranty@offgridtrailers.com to purchase OR;
      • see below for part numbers to purchase