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My Evolution Series suspension squeaks: how can I confirm the cause and troubleshoot?

This reference guide is dedicated to troubleshooting audible/cosmetic squeaks in the suspension system (Heims joints, etc)


  • WD 40 spray lubricant
  • Multi use socket set (minimum 3/8 drivers to accommodate torque)

Common Reasons:

  • Your evolution series suspension, outside of inspection intervals references in our maintenance guide, is near maintenance free
    • Common reasons for audible noise are caused by the user greasing, lubricating, or utilizing unapproved methods to grease the suspension
      • OGT recommends annual cleaning and WD40 application to the suspension bushings
    • There are no Zirk (grease nipple style) fittings on the suspension indicating near maintenance free


  1. Disconnect trailer from vehicle.
  2. Go to side of trailer and push/rock the trailer back and forth / up and down to recreate the squeak noise.
  3. If trailer makes the audible noise, see if you can determine which side of the trailer it is coming from.
    • If you cannot recreate the noise (possible brake pad noise)
    • reconnect the trailer to the vehicle and with a second individual move the trailer forward at backwards no more than 5mph to determine noise/location (drivers/passenger)
  4. Address the contact points one at a time with the WD40 so we can determine the source of the noise.
    • There are 6 points on the trailer to troubleshoot - See below for reference
      • Drivers Side
        • Control arm mount points (crossmember x 2)
        • Shock mount point to the control arm
      • Passenger Side
        • Control arm mount points (crossmember x 2)
        • Shock mount point to the control arm
  • Spray one contact point and then try to recreate the noise. At the point you eliminate the noise you stop and contact OGT with the location.
5.     Contact points to address:
    • Control arm mount locations shown in image with arrow lines. Working from the outboard to inward.
    • Spray outside of bushing at the bolt then check for noise.
    • Move progressively to the inside of the bushing bolt to lubricate and try to make the noise.
    • Move to the other bushing on the arm and do the same.
    • If the control arm bushings are not the source of the noise, you will move to the shock mounts.
    • There is only a top and bottom to each shock. Start with the top mount and then move to the lower mount.

6.      If you are unable to eliminate the noise using this process, the brakes will have to be inspected next for the root cause
    • Contact OGT at warranty@offgridtrailers.com

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