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Maximizing Battery Life: Turn OFF your inverter!

Maximizing Battery Life: Turn Off your pure sine wave inverters during idle times



An Inverter at idle will draw about 20W constantly. This equates to about a 1.5A constant draw.

1.5A / Hour over a 24hr day = 36Ah. 

This is just as much (or more) than your refrigerator, each day!  You can extend time between charging by simply turning off your inverter when not in use. 

Off Grid campers often seek ways to enhance/extend their camping experience, and one essential aspect is managing power consumption. OGT Trailers are equipped with various electrical devices, and many come with a pure sine wave inverter to convert DC (direct current) power from batteries into AC (alternating current) power for household appliances. While pure sine wave inverters provide a clean and stable power source, turning them off during idle times can be a strategic move to save battery life.

Idle Power Draw: A Hidden Culprit

Pure sine wave inverters, even when not actively powering appliances, can still draw a certain amount of power during idle times. This idle power draw, though minimal, accumulates over time and contributes to the overall drain on the trailers batteries. By turning off the inverter when it's not in use, users can mitigate this idle power draw and extend the life of their batteries.

Battery Conservation

Batteries are a precious resource, and their lifespan is influenced by factors such as charge cycles and depth of discharge. Every unnecessary discharge, no matter how small, contributes to wear and tear on the batteries. Turning off the pure sine wave inverter during periods of inactivity prevents the low continuous power consumption that can add up over time. By conserving battery power in this way, users can expect longer battery life and reduced maintenance costs.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to conserving battery life, turning off the pure sine wave inverter during idle times promotes energy efficiency. By optimizing energy usage, campers can enjoy longer periods off-grid without the need for frequent recharging, providing an enhanced/extended camping experience.

Practical Tips for Turning Off Pure Sine Wave Inverters

  1. Implement a Power Management Routine: Develop a habit of turning off the inverter when it's not actively powering appliances. This simple practice can significantly contribute to battery conservation.
  2. Utilize Manual Switches or Timers: Some inverters come equipped with manual switches or timers that allow users to control when the inverter is operational. Utilizing these features can automate the process and make it easier to manage power consumption.
  3. Educate users: Ensure that everyone using the trailer is aware of the benefits of turning off power when not required. This collective effort can lead to more responsible power usage and greater battery efficiency.