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How to Winterize your Switchback

Walk through the winterizing process of both the Switchback S and Switchback R.

If you live in the north and have temperatures that fall below the freezing point, you must winterize the water system on your Off Grid Trailer.

These awesome Switchback Overland Adventure Trailers are quite simple to winterize, and they can be done in a few minutes with nothing more than some non-toxic RV antifreeze.

To begin, you will have to drain your water tank by opening the drain valve.

Next to the water tank drain valve, you will find your anti-freeze fill valve, simply put the clear hose into your jug of non-toxic RV antifreeze, turn the bypass valve so that it points to the antifreeze draw tube, and turn on the water pump to prime the system - you should see the antifreeze being drawn in immediately.

Once the system is primed, you can turn on both the shower and sink to run antifreeze through the lines.

Turn the sink to both the hot and cold settings to ensure all lines get coated in antifreeze. Once anti-freeze has run through the entire system, you can remove the drain plug from the hot water on-demand system, shut your water tank drain valve, and turn the by-pass valve to the off position.

When you are ready to start camping again in the spring, simply insert the drain plug in the hot water on-demand system and rinse your water lines out.

A good method is to begin to fill the water tank with the drain open allowing the tank to flush while you run the shower and the tap on both hot and cold.

Once the antifreeze is gone and the water runs clear, just flush the system for a few more minutes.

Let the tank drain fully.