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How to Use Your Eccotemp Water Heater & common Troubleshooting

This article highlights general use of the Eccotemp L5 on demand LP hot water heater as well as common tips and tricks.

Here's a quick video on the proper operation of your water heater.


Reference Guide: Eccotemp L5 owners manual

  • see manual for care and maintenance, troubleshooting, and 3rd party warranty support as this unit warranty is managed by Eccotemp directly
    • OGT Tips:
      • The Eccotemp L5 his water controlled (pressure driven) automatic ignition.  Water pressure must be between 20-80 PSI.
        • For frost/freezing prevention!
          • The removeable drain valve (brass thumbscrew) can be used to drain the (water pump/pressure OFF) heat exchanger to avoid freezing
            • NOTE that any damage to the unit due to freezing is NOT warrantied
            • **read the maintenance section of the L5 manual (link above) to avoid freeze related issues
          • Propane line air lock
            • Step 1
              • open the propane tank first
              • Turn on stove burners (all) and allow to run
              • turn on heater and furnace; if not resolved proceed to Step 2
            • Step 2 
            • Lack of Propane - Ensure LP tank is full and free of air locks
            • Gas supply empty - turn on gas valve on LP bottle
            • Appliance switch is OFF - turn on appliance switch
            • Fresh water supply is OFF - ensure water tank valves are not set to winterizing mode
            • Gas supply pressure is low <10.5" water column
              • your dual stage regulator is set to 13.5" water column do NOT change
        • High Elevation - unit effectiveness and flame up operation may be affected by high altitudes - consult the owners manual
        • Temperature/water flow knobs - set these to their highest settings for startup operation each cycle
        • LP pressure - OGT dual stage regulator is set to 13.5" water column - adjustment may lead to failure of operation
        • Ambient temperature - see above to avoid freezing as this unit is NOT 4 Season Capable
        • Tank full - ensure adequate LP tank pressure/fill for operation
        • Water pressure - adquate water pressure between 20-80 psi is required for operation
        • Switch - ensure the switch on the L5 is set to "on"
        • D cell battery - unit is electric pulse, D cell battery powered - ensure battery health at all times
        • Cabinet door must be open
        • OTHER Troubleshooting - refer to the L5 owners manual &/or see below for troubleshootin