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How to install the ZeroBreeze AC unit

These instructions are for trailer units equipped with the Zerobreeze condenser manifold option.

Before you start, I encourage you to thoroughly review the ZeroBreeze instructions so as to understand how the unit operates and responds to different settings, and how to use the remote control.


At the right rear location of the interior storage cabinet, you'll find the ZB fitting area.  This bespoke manifold allows the condenser side of the ZB unit fresh air and exhausts hot air to grilles on the outside of the trailer.     Four bolts are located on the floor of the cabinet.  These interface with fitting holders that ordinarily allow for mounting of the ZB battery pack.      

Bolts shown for mounting - edited

1) Familiarize yourself with the electrical connection and the condensate drain port on the rear of the ZB unit, located below the condenser inlet and outlet.    

2) Place the unit on the cabinet floor with the holders forward of the bolts.  

3) Reach behind the ZB unit and connect the electrical cord from the 120v adapter, and fit the nylon tubing onto the condensate drain.    Make sure to screw the electrical cord into place by turning the connection clockwise so it doesn't become dislodged.   Carefully tighten the hose clamp to secure the vinyl drain tubing.

4) looking underneath the ZB unit, begin to move it rearward and ensure that all 4 plastic holders are lining up with the bolt heads.    It will be necessary to gently wiggle the unit as you push it rearward as it has to slide on its rubber feet.   You will feel the ZB snug up against the rubber seal on the fabricated condenser manifold.   

5) Install the galvanized retaining clip from the bottom with 2x Phillips head screws supplied - make sure to seat it against the opening in the pocket in the ZB unit such that the ZB cannot move forward during travel.

Retention clip - zerobreeze r1

6) Plug the ZB 120v adapter plug into the outlet located inside of the rear cabinet, on the protective cover for the electrical panel.  (It is on the right side of the panel, facing left.)


Use the remote to turn the ZB unit on and to test functionality.   After a power on cycle of a few minutes, you should be feeling cool air coming from the unit into the cabin, and on the outside of the trailer you'll feel hot air being exhausted from one of the vents, the other supplying cooling air to the unit's condenser.

Side vents - Edited


Enjoy your cool cabin!   Please contact warranty support if you have any questions during install and operation.    

Unit with cab door closed