Frequently Asked Pre Purchase Questions

These are the most common questions asked during the purchasing process.

Q: Does the trailer have the ability to “trickle” charge from the tow vehicle?
A: Yes, but per the owner’s manual you must complete the wiring connection in the trailer 7-pin junction box.
Q: Do the batteries come fully charged from the factory?
A: Yes
Q: How long does it take to charge the batteries with the solar panels?
A: 4-8 hours depending on available light and power draw from the fridge. This varies greatly depending on the outside temperature and fridge temperature setting As well as how full the fridge is. The more full the fridge the more efficiently it will cool items inside.
Q: Is there an extension for the Max Coupler hitch?
A: Yes, the holes are pre-drilled at the factory as we utilize an 18 inch XL coupler.
Q: If the 270 awning is chosen for the Pando, can the walls still be utilized, or does the rear gate prevent them from being used?
A: The optional walls can be used with the Pando kitchen setup, although the galley door wall is rolled up for galley door use.
Q: What is the largest tire size that the trailer can take?
A: 35” tires are our maximum tire size due to design limitations with our fenders as well as recommended use with the Timbren suspension.
Q: Does OGT offer other wheel or tire sizes?
A: Not at this time.
Q: Can the customer install any other tent without any complications?
A: Yes if the tent size is no greater than 72 inches (traditional hinge style RTT) or 72 x 60 in a hardshell configuration.
Q: What’s the largest size of tents can you put on the Expedition or Pando?
A: See above
Q: Can you install awnings on both sides of the trailers (without an RTT)?
A: Yes 180x2, 270 and a 180, 270 or 180 and a straight awning
Q: Does the shower bracket interfere with the larger Coolabah? If so, are there any adjustments that can be done to accommodate these options?
A: No; the bracket is designed to mount to the roof rack side rail and the awnings mount onto (top) of the roof rail cross rails.
Q: Does the propane tank come purged or filled?
A: Tanks are vacuum purged for safety and ease of fill.
Q: What is the specific height with an awning installed?
A: Depending on the awning (or tent) configuration, our trailers are 79 inches from ground to roof rack, with an additional 10.5” of awning head height.
Q: What is the specific height with an RTT installed?
A: See above.
Q: What is the wind capacity that the awning can take without walls?
A: There are many factors to consider with wind ratings on canvas awnings. Most manufacturers will not provide wind ratings due to this. OGT recommends following the 23Zero recommendations for setup and tie-down.
Q: What is the wind capacity that the awning can take with walls?
A: See above.
Q: What’s the max weight capacity on the rear receiver? Pando or Expedition.
A: 400 lbs without any extension; note that any receiver extension will lower the receiver capacity. Please follow the receiver extension recommendations.
Q: At what point do you need to winterize the water system in order to prevent it from freezing?
A: Anytime you know the temperatures are going to be below 32f/0c for more than 1 hour.
Q: What’s the largest sized fridge that can be installed in the front slider?
A: Our base models include the Dometic CX3 line (55 IM standard on the Expedition and Pando 2.0 models) but we offer up to the Truma C69.
Q: How thick are the two mattresses?
A: The standard mattress is 4 inches high-density memory foam. The upgraded convertible sofa mattress is 6 inches high-density memory foam. Both include a removable vinyl-backed upholstered cover for removal.
Q: Does the Annex from the RTT have a floor?
A: Yes, and it is removable
Q: Can you use the Annex as a shower enclosure?
A: This is not recommended with the floor installed, but we do offer a custom swing-out shower/privacy shelter bracket.
Q: Can you install the furnace after taking possession of the trailer?
A: Not in the same fashion as the factory installation. DIY installation is possible but may void your OGT factory warranty.
Q: How does the customer service their trailer where they live?
A: Most of the annual maintenance can be performed by the owner as per the OGT owner’s manual. Otherwise an RV service center or mobile RV Mechanic can do the service with OGT guidance as required.
Q: What is the service cycle? Once a year or every so often?
A: Refer to the OGT owners manual for recommended service intervals.
Q: What’s the difference between the Modified Sine and the Pure Sine Inverters?
A: Pure Sine Wave is better for more sensitive electronics. However, most of today’s electronic devices do not require a Pure Sine Wave inverter.
Q: Air Conditioning
A: Off Grid is researching a viable solution that can tolerate being used in an off-road environment; unfortunately, this has been delayed due to COVID-19.
Q: Can a different tongue jack be used?
A: Yes. The XO750 Black Edition jack from Ark is an available feature upgrade.
Q: Can a lithium battery/batteries be used?
A: Yes, our standard and optional onboard charger systems support lithium charging.
Q: Are the trailers insulated?
A: Yes. We utilize CNC cut closed-cell rigid foam (R-10) for 4-season useability.
Q: What kind of toilet do you recommend?
A: While we don’t recommend a particular brand, our owners prefer Thetford brand portable cassette toilets.
Q: Can I use my bike carriers on the trailers?
A: Yes. Both our standard rear 2” receiver as well as our standard aluminum tubular roof racks can support many common bike carrier options.
Q: What is the hitch height?
A: 21” centerline on the tongue.
Q: Is the Max Coupler optional?
A: Yes. Our base model trailers include a 2” ball as standard; we do use a common bolt pattern for our Max Coupler as well as 2” ball hitch for easy replacement.