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Expedition/Pando - Fender Removal and Replacement

If you wish to replace the fenders and/or running boards on your trailer, here's how.

The fenders on OGT trailers are constructed of .100" 5052 aluminum checker plate.    Despite being robust, they are susceptible to damage on trail.   Luckily, it is very easy to replace these items, and they are available from the OGT Warranty department.    Email warranty@offgridtrailers.com with your needs and we will get you pricing and delivery time. 


The expedition has only a front running board as shown in Figure 1.    The Pando has a front and rear running board.


Fig 1. - Fender marker lamp and license plate lamp - Expedition LHS - Pando similar


In order to replace these parts:

1) Remove the wheel on the affected side.  It will be much easier to locate wiring and to remove the fender fasteners.   

2) Locate the wiring to the fender marker lamp and the license plate lamp/mount.    Run back along the harness until you find the weatherpak connector and disconnect.   Undo the fasteners that are holding these items to the aluminum fender, and bring the wiring through.   It may be necessary to unpin the weatherpak connector if it cannot pass through the opening in the fender - if this is the case you will want to have a weatherpak terminal pin removal tool handy.


Fig 2, Fig 3 - 1/4" bolts fixing fenders on Expedition - in red.

Fig. 4 - 1/4" bolts fixing rear running board to fender - Pando - in red. 


All running boards are attached to the fender with 2x longitudinal bolts as shown in figure 4.   It is optional to remove these during removal of the assembly - you just have to make up what you took off - we recommend not fully tightening these running board to fender fasteners until the fenders and running boards are fixed to the trailer wall to allow for some movement/articulation of the parts.