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How to: What faucet does my trailer use?

Information on the dometic faucet and fittings

The faucet on the trailers is a Dometic - the part number is 3313070.001.

dometic faucetOn the Pando trailers, the blue and red lines are maintained.  On all other trailers, these lines are removed via pressing out a small retention pin that is perpendicular to the fittings in the threaded area of the faucet.   Custom lathe turned fittings are used in conjunction with 90 degree elbows, which allow for a much tighter radius for the lines (required because of installation height restrictions.)   Flexible metal sheathed lines are then connected directly to the elbows.


Here's one link in case you are out of warranty, and need to purchase a replacement faucet.   They run about $200 USD.



There is information on removing and replacing the lines going in to the faucet, which you may need to do, in the following article:



- The OGT Warranty dept