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Fasteners for the Expedition 2.0 Rear Shelf

If you need spares or specs on these this info is for you.

From the factory, these fasteners have been improved and are now the following:

  • 10-32 x 1/2" stainless steel hex bolts (to allow for easier fastening rather than Philips head fasteners.   These are 5/16" across flats.
  • 10-32 Fender washers (to better distribute clamping force onto the vertical strut.)
  • 10-32 Washers (to fit bolt head to fender washer.)
  • OGT-7003337 custom manufactured backing nut

4 sets of these fasteners are needed per shelf - 16 in total are provided from the factory. 


If you need spares, particularly of the OGT-7003337 part (see the diagram below,) contact warranty@offgridtrailers.com.