Electrical Systems - Expedition and Pando

This article gives some background on the electrical system that is included with every Off Grid Trailer, and also information on what upgrades are included with the electrical option packages.

Base systems

Battery and Charging systems

The Expedition and Pando trailer are equipped with two Group 31 deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries contained in the left front area of the front storage box.   The capacity of these batteries is approximately 105 amp hours.   Since you should only discharge any deep cycle battery to 50%, the total reserve capacity of this system is also 105 amp hours.  (Total capacity 105 ah * 2 = 210 ah.)

At rest when neither charging nor servicing any loads some rough guidelines for the charge state of 12V deep cycle batteries are as follows:

12.6 volts = 100%           12.5 volts = 70%           12.3 volts = 50%           11.4 volts = 20%.


These batteries are maintenance free - it is not a requirement to maintain the electrolyte.   If you experience performance issues with your batteries, contact the OGT warranty department.

Noco supplies the charger, from their "Genius" line of units - so named because they are able to intelligently charge and maintain two batteries for maximum health.    There are settings on this charger - 12v, 12v lithium, and 12v agm.  This system is set to "12v" at the factory (the default setting) - this setting should not be changed as long as the factory supplied flooded lead acid batteries are installed. 

Noco Genius Dual Bank


The base inverter for Off Grid Trailers is by GoPower, at 1000w of capacity.

GoPower 1000W Modified Sine Inverter

Fuse Panel

Off Grid Trailers all use a BlueSea 12 circuit fuse block with negative bus.   Consult the owner's manual for fuse sizes and positions.   ((link to owner's manual here))

BlueSea 12 Bank Block

7 pin box

The trailer light and brake control box is a generic 7 pin unit located behind the batteries inside the left side of the front box.    Off Grid Trailers does not recommend connecting the small gauge wire inside of the 7 pin box to the trailer batteries - the function of this pin is to charge the emergency brake battery only.

Switch Panel

The interior switch panel on the Expedition and Pando features a control for inverter, a dual USB plug, a USB plug with a battery voltage display, a heater thermostat (if equipped,) the 120v outlet and the interior cabin light switch.

Interior - Expedition and Pando main elec panel

Optional Electrical Systems


 3 optional inverters are available: The Xantrex 1000W, Xantrex 2000W, and a 1750W GoPower.    Both Xantrex inverters function as battery charge and maintenance systems, so the Noco Genius charging system is not needed with these options.

Lighting Package

The optional lighting package on the Expedition trailer consists of a switched light and USB plug on the interior left hand side of the front storage box, a light in the shower compartment, a light in the right hand side mounted kitchen, and rock lighting underneath the frame fore and aft of the tires.   The rock lighting is being phased into production as of May 2021 as a running design change:  We are exhausting our supply of frames without the facility to mount the lights.


The optional lighting package for the Pando is identical to that of the Expedition save for the kitchen box lighting as the Pando is equipped with a rear galley and all Pando units have dual lights above the kitchen.