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Front storage box 3d printed drain reed valves

In this article, there is information on locating and installing your 3d printed valves that allow moisture to drain from the trailer's front storage box

From the factory, these valves will be installed in the most optimal locations.   If you are retrofitting these valves onto an existing front storage box, you should try to position the valve portion (the 1/2" hole,) close to the edge of the compartment.    Usually, the trailer is not level - this is why multiple valves are used so that there's a better chance the water will run to a corner and can drain.


Here's an example of suggested locations:

reed valve render-2

The valve positions are usually dictated by the presence of members or objects inside the box, very evident near the batteries - the 1/2" hole is between them!   Also, since they are installed through the aluminum skin, they must miss the steel frame.


The valves have 3/16" holes in them for mounting, here's the drawing for the pattern that best suits for the location of the large drain hole:

Reed valve prototype - for drilling holes

3/16" rivets work very well,**use aluminum rivets with an appropriate grip length of .239"** but small bolts or even self-tapping screws (provided they don't intrude unfavorably into the storage space,) can also be used.


If you have questions, please email warranty@offgridtrailers.com!


Thanks, and good luck.