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How to bend your RTT poles to clear the RHS awning

As delivered, the poles included with the RTT will not clear a passenger-side mounted awning - two need to be bent as detailed here

Tent rod bent v2

The above image shows the pole bent with given and reference dimensions in inches.  The radii of the bends can be any value - here they are shown at approximately 1".    There's a broad tolerance in this work, when I do the bends I use a vise, I have also threaded the rod through the holes in the hitch or elsewhere on the trailer, carefully adjusting and checking and re-checking the bend as I go.

Here's a 1:1 view of the bends:

Tent rod bent full size

To print a template: download the above image.    Set your printer settings to 8 1/2" x 11" with no margins.   Print the page, and check your dimension of 7.50" - you can then use this to adjust the print size percentage to home in on actual size so you have a useful template.   For instance, if you measure your print and you find the value as 6.825", try 110%.   During bending you can then lay the rod on this page to check lengths and dimensions.


Good luck, and make sure that if you have any questions or difficulties to give us a call or better yet email warranty@offgridtrailers.com.


Happy Camping!