Advanced Lithium - New for 2023 & Retrofit option available - tips & tricks

This article summarizes an overview of our new optional Go Power Advanced Lithium battery systems and available retrofit options on our OGT store!

OGT is pleased to offer optional equipment in the form of Go Power Advanced Lithium!




Product Features:

  • Bluetooth®-enabled, smart features
  • Can be used with lithium compatible Go Power! solar, inverters and charge controllers
  • Built-in smart DC heater
  • Max Power Capacity; carries almost double the power of regular batteries
  • Lightweight
  • UKCA Certified
  • Quick-charging
  • IP68 waterproof (should not be submerged)
  • Internal Battery Management System (BMS) protects against:
    • Over and under voltage
    • Over and under temperature
    • Charge and discharge over current
    • Short circuit
  • 10-year warranty

How to Buy:

Option 1:  Option this as equipment with your new OGT trailer purchase

Option 2: Retrofit Option - refer to the OGT retail store to purchase 

How to configure your Advanced Lithium with the Inverter/Charger combo on your OGT trailer.

  • NOTE: the advanced lithium batteries REQUIRE the Xantrex 1000/2000 inverter/charger combo AND require to program the Lithium Charge Profile:
    • To enter configuration mode on the Xantrex
      • Press and Hold the OK button for 3-5 seconds
      • Using the up arrow, scroll to option #20 (battery type)
      • Press the OK button, then select "LFP", then up arrow, followed by OK to save
      • Press the ESC button to exit the configuration mode
  • NOTE: refer to the Xantrex Freedom XC manual